Tuesday, January 10, 2012

South Korea!

I am about to go to South Korea to...

Teach a weekend conference in a church this weekend...

teach a YWAM school on the island of Jeju for the week ...

Teach a weekend in a church in Incheon the next weekend...

Then come home! About 13 days in all.

Please pray that I would hear and obey all Jesus wants to do - that I would do OK with jet lag - and have wisdom with the great numbers of people who would want personal ministry! I appreciate very much your prayers for me and know that they make a great deal of difference. Thank you so much.

Remember Clare who stays home alone...



Saturday, December 10, 2011

Off to Springtime in Brazil

I am going to Curitiba this Sunday to teach in this southern Brazilian city in a YWAM school. I appreciate your prayers etc for this time to be full of God's presence and healing love. It is a more European city, beautiful and clean.

Saturday, October 01, 2011

Off to Brazill...

I am off to Brazil to teach for two weeks in DTS's. Please pray that I will hear and do all god gives me to do. Thanks!

After that I will go to Kona Hawaii to teach there. Clare will go with me to Hawaii.

Thanks for your prayers - it makes a difference. I always know when people are praying for me!

Yesterday I received in the mail five complimentary copies of my book in Indonesian. I had no idea the publishers were doing that! I trust God is behind it and has a purpose in it. They will obviously market the book in Indonesian parts of the world. Apparently it is the forth most wide spread language in the world.




Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Off to South Korea!

I had a great time in Brazil. l had lots of freedom to teach and wonderful receptivity! I was also feeling much better. Thank you for your prayers!

Tomorrow I am of to South Korea for month of teaching seminars in churches and one week with a YWAM school. I really appreciate your prayers. Pray that I would 'know God' in all I say and do and in so doing 'make Him Known'. ...His presence love and power.

I shall probably teaching a quite a bit on Gender identity. Some of this could be a challenge to Korean culture. I trust Father for wisdom and skill in communicating. I also trust God for good connection with the people I teach. Also - good translation.
Much love and appreciation!

Saturday, December 04, 2010

Off to the West...

Two things...

One... Tomorrow (Sunday) I will be teaching in 'The Door' Church in Portland Oregon. http://www.thedoorpdx.com

Two... I shall then go to Salem Oregon to teach in a YWAM counsel ling school for the next week. http://www.ywamsalem.org

So... I very much appreciate your prayer for me to hear and obey all the Father wants me to do and say!

Thanks a ton.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Off to Curititba- South Brazil

It is springtime in Brazil. I will be on my way there tomorrow for a weeks teaching in a YWAM counseling school. Please pray - those of you who do - that God would use me to be a blessing to the students. That they will see His great love for them and know that they are His children. Yes!

Friday, October 08, 2010

Off to Kona, Hawaii...

I am off to Kona Hawaii for a weeks teaching in a counseling school.

Please pray for me to be sensitive to God and to hear all He wants me to do and say this week. I will be translated into Korean since there are many Koreans in the class. There are about 25 students and 10 staff. I appreciate your prayer support very much!

Gus Hunter